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Vibrating adjustable bracket with accessories
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Vibration machine for smoothing table

The vibrator joint allows the boards on which it is applied to make the concrete vibrate during the smoothing phase: it is positioned on the Isoplam magnesium or steel smoothing boards. Thanks to the vibration produced, the air bubbles in the freshly poured concrete are eliminated, increasing the density and resistance of the concrete. The vibrating stirrup helps the grout to rise, which is essential for incorporating the hardener into the stamped or industrial floor and helps and speeds up the smoothing process. It is also used to make washed gravel.
The tool is equipped with an innovative quick-connect system to make it quick and easy to connect the joint to the boards. The Isoplam M050001 handles can be attached to the vibrating joint to work at distances of up to 6 m.

Vibrating Joints include:
- 24V DC, 0.6A 3-speed electric motor
- rotalever joint
- 22.2 V DC lithium battery with a capacity of 3500 mAh
- about 18 hours of work on a single charge
- 24 volt battery charger
- M015002 table adapter
- remote control
- CE declaration of conformity

Code Features
M015001 3-speed electric motor
24 volt rechargeable lithium battery charger
Joint for vibrating bracket
M015002 Table adapter (also sold separately)
M015003 Adapter for fresno
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