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Artificial rocks

Plam Rock. Artificial rocks and scenographic effects for gardens, amusement parks and swimming pools

Artificial rocks

Plam Rock allows you to create fake stones, rocks, waterfalls, steps, jambs, tables, trees and other architectural elements. The special one-component anti-shrinkage fiber mortar is extremely versatile and easy to model: it guarantees a realistic result, finished in detail and of great visual impact, perfect for creating many different types of vertical and horizontal surfaces in gardens, theme parks and swimming pools. Plam Rock is applied directly on bricks, clay-bricks, concrete, polystyrene, plasterboard, wood and metal supports, incorporating the special metal and clay Plam Net mesh or, in the case of low thicknesses, a fiberglass mesh.

Swimming pools
Rustic effect creative concrete
Parking and maneuvering areas
Parks and holiday villages
Furniture and accessories
Spa and wellness center

Plam Rock allows you to create artificial rocks in a short time. Shaped by hand or with special rubber molds, the scenographic elements can be perfected with a personal artistic touch using the Isoplam tool kit. Thanks to the optimal characteristics of water repellency and resistance to atmospheric agents and impacts, artificial rocks and other decorative elements made with Plam Rock do not fear water and last a long time, ideal for poolside.

Immagine Plus
Plam Rock render
  1. Preparation of the polystyrene support with Plam Brick Net in iron and clay or fiberglass fixed with special plastic nails;
  2. First coat application of Plam Rock mortar for artificial rocks to smooth and second coat application of Plam Rock in thicknesses from 2 to 10 cm;
  3. Molding with special Isoplam molds and rolls, pre-treated with Plam Liquid Rele;
  4. Correction of Plam Rock with special Isoplam tool kit after about 24 hours;
  5. After drying (about 48 hours) coloring of Plam Rock as desired with Plam Wax or Plam Paint and application of the protective choice between: Plam Sealing/O, Plamacryl o Plam Wax colorless.
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