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Nuvolato grip effect flooring for outdoors
Deco Nuvolato Grip. The non-slip cloudy effect for outdoors
Nuvolato grip effect flooring for outdoors
A new version of Deco Nuvolato for continuous outdoor flooring, Deco Nuvolato Grip ensures high resistance and an R12 or R13 non-slip surface in just 8 cm of thickness. The absence of joints makes ordinary cleaning extremely easy, which is essential when speaking of very large and busy environments. In addition to ensuring an excellent non-slip surface, the combed finish of Deco Nuvolato Grip is characterized by a material texture that suggests the vision of a country path reworked in a contemporary key. An optical effect strengthened by the adoption, among the numerous colors available, of the light gray nuance in which the darker color variations stand out against a lighter background, and which gives the final result the effect of a cloud.
Rustic effect creative concrete
Deco Nuvolato Grip is able to combine elegant and delicate aesthetics with the best mechanical performance. Composed of a special blend of cement, spheroidal quartz and iron oxides, Deco Nuvolato Grip is suitable for surfaces that must be resistant to ultraviolet rays, wear and atmospheric agents. This makes this coating the most suitable choice for flooring in outdoor environments that require the greatest durability, such as shopping centres, exhibition pavilions, museums, schools and leisure centres, but also offices, shops and residential contexts. Furthermore, thanks to the addition of special sealants and protective agents, Deco Nuvolato Grip can make surfaces water-repellent, stain-proof, oil-proof and dust-proof.
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  1. Formwork and installation of nylon, TNT, spacers and electro-welded mesh.
  2. Spreading of fiber reinforced concrete and additives.
  3. Application and smoothing of DECO NUVOLATO ISOPLAM® using troweling machines to obtain an R12 or R13 slip resistance degree.
  4. After curing, application of the suitable final protective.
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