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Draining concrete

Plam Cem Drain. Draining and sound-absorbing concrete for permeable paving

Plam Cem Drain

Pervious concrete offers an innovative solution for multiple needs, thanks to its unique ability to manage water flow and improve urban surfaces. This cementitious material is distinguished by its porous structure, creating interconnected void spaces that allow water to pass through. Its applications are diversified and advantageous, especially in urban and road environments. Thanks to its structure, it reduces the risk of water stagnation and helps mitigate the effects of heat islands. This material is particularly useful for the construction of road paving, car parks, pavements and cycle paths, offering a robust and draining surface. Its ability to absorb and convey water helps keep roads safe and durable, reducing the risk of damage from runoff and water accumulation. The thickness depends on the intended use: 10 cm for pedestrian use, 15 cm for medium vehicular use, 20 cm for heavy vehicular use.

Drain floors

The use of pervious concrete has numerous advantages in various applications. In urban contexts, this material helps mitigate the negative effects of rainwater, improving the safety and aesthetics of road and pedestrian infrastructures such as squares or pedestrian areas. Its ability to manage water flow reduces the formation of water stagnation, helping to preserve the integrity of surfaces and preventing structural damage. Furthermore, pervious concrete is a sustainable choice, as it favors the recycling of rainwater into the ground rather than its flow into drainage networks and the melting of snow and ice. Plam Cem Drain also offers benefits in terms of acoustic and thermal comfort, improving the urban environment.

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  1. Application of non-woven draining geotextile fabric on well compacted aggregate and sand substrate;
  2. Mixing and application of Plam Cem Drain Isoplam concrete colored with Plam Oxid pigmented oxides;
  3. Screeding and compacting with a vibrating screed and subsequent smoothing with a helicopter with a galvanized disc;
  4. Wait for the necessary drying in 2-3 days;
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