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Exposed aggregate paving

ItalianTerrazzo®. Ecological, safe and resistant, for external surfaces

Exposed aggregate paving

ItalianTerrazzo is the solution designed and produced by Isoplam to create washed stone-style floors. Isoplam washed gravel is a product with an ecological soul: it is obtained by mixing cement, fine marble grit, river stones or natural stone with a special colored and additive fiber-reinforced mixture. Washed gravel, also known as washed stone, is a practical and lasting solution, ideal for creating elegant exterior surfaces with great architectural effect. Thanks to the smoothing of the surface of the washed gravel, it is possible to obtain an effect completely similar to the "Venetian terrazzo" flooring and create a quality floor for interiors.

Living room
Exterior cladding and exterior flooring for playgrounds and theme parks, swimming pools, holiday villages
Driveway paving ideas
Rustic effect creative concrete
Driveway patio ideas, car park and alleyway pavements
Rustic exterior floors
Restaurant interior design
Public places

The ease of installation allows you to make customized washed gravel floors. Furthermore, a thickness of only 3 centimeters is required. Therefore it is possible to create a washed stone surface even on existing floors, with the "fresh on hard" technique. Isoplam washed gravel can also be applied directly on fresh concrete, with the “fresh on fresh” technique. The washed gravel floors can therefore be used to renovate and decorate squares, sidewalks, public places, avenues, arcades and historical centers.

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ItalianTerrazzo Render
  1. The screed, if not rough, must be scarified and washed;
  2. Thoroughly wet the surface the day before laying the Cement Primer bonding primer;
  3. Spreading the mixture (Deco Ghiaino, Cement, grit) in thicknesses from 2 to 5 cm;
  4. Smoothing and smoothing of the surface;
  5. Application of Iso deactivator;
  6. Surface washing, within 12-24 hours, with a pressure washer;
  7. Application of the protective resin Plam Sealing/O or Plam Sealing/L after a few days.
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