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Epoxy drain floor

Plam Resin Drain. Practical, versatile and resistant, for indoors and outdoors

Epoxy drain floor

Plam Resin Drain gravel is a practical, versatile and resistant solution, ideal for covering both external and internal environments. The constant research and development work of Isoplam gives life to flooring that covers the rooms with a final result with a pleasant aesthetic effect. Composed of pebbles and epoxy or polyurethane resin, the draining gravel allows rainwater to drain easily, thus increasing the safety of the flooring and facilitating the return of water to the ground.

Swimming pools
Paths and patios
Parking and maneuvering areas
Parks and holiday villages
Drain floors

Plam Resin Drain gravel integrates and adapts perfectly to the environment in which it is applied, whatever the context, thanks to the wide choice of colors and the possibility of creating multiple geometric shapes. Resistant to yellowing, Plam Resin Drain is used to redevelop and enhance old outdoor but also indoor flooring, preserving all the beauty of its design and the vitality of its colors for a long time. Isoplam draining gravel is widely used in outdoor environments such as squares, avenues, sidewalks, stairs, porches, car parks, swimming pool edges, parks, public gardens, driveways and pedestrian entrances.

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  1. Dry, clean and well-bonded concrete or screed substrate. Any cracks must be previously grouted;
  2. Application of Vapor Barrier Isoplam epoxy primer with Isoplam glass fiber mesh interposed;
  3. Application of Epoxy Drain A + B mixture and grit in the desired thickness;
  4. Compact and smooth with a straightedge or with Isoplam machinery.
resin drainage floor and marble granules
resin drainage floor and marble granules
resin drainage floor and marble granules
resin drainage floor and marble granules
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