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Nuvolato floor

Deco Nuvolato Isoplam®. It covers any type of environment with elegance

Nuvolato floor

The “nuvolato” floor is a solution with a highly refined aesthetic appearance, capable of making everyday and work environments extraordinary. Concrete, with its industrial mood, becomes a real work of art, giving life to creations that are unique and different each time. The flooring surface appears pleasantly nuanced, with darker color variations that stand out against a lighter background, as if they were clouds. The color range is wide, allowing you to create completely customized cloudy floors of just 10 cm thick, with unrepeatable color gradations.

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Beautiful to look at, Deco Nuvolato is also easy to clean and requires very little maintenance. It therefore lends itself to being laid not only in residential contexts but also as flooring for offices or floors for shops, warehouses, storage areas, production areas, shopping and logistics centers, exhibition centers, exhibition halls and in all public environments. The “nuvolato” floor, suitable for vehicles and also resistant to high traffic, is fortified with the addition of special sealants and protective agents that densify and harden the concrete: in this way, the flooring becomes extremely resistant to atmospheric agents, water-repellent, anti-scratch, anti-stain, oil and dustproof. By choosing the "combed" finish, it is also possible to create waterproof and non-slip outdoor floors.

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  1. Formwork and laying of nylon, TNT, spacers and electro-welded mesh;
  2. Spreading of concrete with additive with Coldpav or Hotpav and with Plam Fibre Isoplam;
  3. Application of Deco Nuvolato Isoplam, using trowel machines and smoothing the floor;
  4. Surface washing with pressure washer and floor machine;
  5. After due curing, application of Plam Densifier or Plam Densifier Plus with a single brush and then a layer of Metallic Wax Isoplam.
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