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Low-thickness grip effect floor for outdoors

Skygrip. The low-thickness material effect for outdoor use

Low-thickness grip effect floor for outdoors

The Skygrip decorative surface, with a thickness of only 2-3 mm, allows you to renovate deteriorated floors, transforming them into unique surfaces, with a high aesthetic impact and non-slip at the same time. Skygrip can also be applied to existing floors to be restored, giving them new life. Skygrip is non-slip and combines a refined and absolutely customizable aesthetic, thanks to the 34 colors available, with excellent performance in terms of resistance to wear and impact. Skygrip gives a contemporary look to exteriors such as walkways, sidewalks, pedestrian or driveway entrances, squares and public places.

Swimming pools
Paths and patios
Rustic effect creative concrete
Parking and maneuvering areas
Parks and holiday villages

The low thickness and excellent adherence and resistance to heavy traffic, chemical and atmospheric agents, abrasion, cracking and frost, allow Skygrip to cover even existing surfaces, renovating environments in an extremely practical and fast way , without the need to remove or demolish them – with a clear saving of time and money. Skygrip can be applied with excellent results on ceramic, tiles, marble, cement, sand-cement screed, self-levelling. The absence of joints prevents the accumulation of dirt and makes the floor easy to clean.

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  1. Preventive smoothing of the concrete, screed, self-leveling or tile surface.
  2. Application of Skyprimer dusted with quartz.
  3. Application of Skygrip with a trowel or squeegee.
  4. Application of Skygrip and working with mechanical trowel with trowel disc or mounted roughing trowels, sanding and cleaning.
  5. After curing, application of the suitable final protective.
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