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Resin cement floor

Microverlay®. Continuous surface resin cement, 3 mm thick


Terrazzoverlay™. The classic low thickness Venetian floor

Metal effect

Plamina. The decorative coating that creates refined metallic effects.

Corten effect, zinc, copper and verdigris

Oxydecor®. The decorative coatings that recreate the corten steel, galvanized and copper effects

Low thickness nuvolato floor for interior

Skyconcrete Indoor. The “nuvolato” effect, with low thickness and continuous surface

Nuvolato floor

Deco Nuvolato Isoplam®. It covers any type of environment with elegance

Acidified floor

Deco Acidificato.The acidified floor with a vintage taste, with unique effects

Low-thickness material flooring for outdoors

Skyconcrete Outdoor. The “nuvolato” effect, with low thickness and continuous surface

Stencil spray concrete floor
Plam Spray. Refresh concrete surfaces with a wide range of stencils and textures
Stamped concrete floor

Plam Stampable. Resistant and customizable, even with low thickness

Stamped wall

Plam Stone. The stamped plaster with stone, brick, rock or wood effects

Artificial rocks

Plam Rock. Artificial rocks and scenographic effects for gardens, amusement parks and swimming pools

Exposed aggregate paving

ItalianTerrazzo®. Ecological, safe and resistant, for external surfaces

Industrial floor

Pavilux. All the beauty and strength of concrete

Low thickness floor

Plam Overlay. Low thickness concrete, for new floors or to be restored