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Big blue smooth steel boards
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Big blue smooth steel boards

The giant smooth table in big blue flexible harmonic steel is the tool that glides on the concrete and is indispensable for quickly smoothing small and large surfaces in semi-fresh concrete: it is used after the magnesium table to create the finish and close the surface well after the application of Plam Hardening Isoplam in stamped floors. The giant trowel is also used to finish industrial concrete surfaces dusted with quartz or washed gravel before applying the surface deactivator. The flexible blade has rounded ends so as not to create overlapping marks during processing. The giant trowel is supplied with a sturdy bracket on which to install the Isoplam tilting joints S230001 and S230002 to which the handles M050001 can be hooked, which allow the surface to be worked standing up to a distance of 6 m. The big blue bull trowel is available in various lengths.

Code Size
T115004 900 x 320 mm
T115001 1220 x 320 mm
T115002 1530 x 320 mm
T115003 1830 x 320 mm
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