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Magnesium bull floats
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Magnesium bull floats

The magnesium bull float table is the tool that "floats" on the concrete and is indispensable for removing the signs of the fences, quickly roughing small and large surfaces in fresh concrete and for incorporating the first coats of hardener in stamped floors and industrial floors . The magnesium blade is available in the square-tip version in one size and in the round-tip version in two lengths. The Isoplam tilting joints S230001 and S230002 can be applied to the trowel to which the handles M050001 can be hooked, which allow you to work the surface standing up to a distance of 6 m. It is possible to transform the magnesium boards into joint cutting tools by installing the bronze joint marker N080001.

Code Size
T130003 915 x 200 mm - Round end
T130002 1220 x 200 mm - Round end
T130001 1220 x 200 mm - Square end


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