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Floor grinder HP 230V Ø 24 cm
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Floor grinder HP 230V Ø 24 cm 

The Isoplam single-phase variable speed grinder is used for the preparation, sanding and leveling of small and medium-sized horizontal surfaces that are flat or in any case with a slope <2% in hard stone materials. It is also ideal for preparing concrete before painting, for eliminating adhesives, mastics, paints, resins and more, for repairing damaged concrete, smoothing rough surfaces, rain marks...
The single disc grinder is easy to use and transport. It is possible to connect it to the A210002 Isoplam three-stage vacuum cleaner to significantly reduce dust production.

It is characterized by:
- motor: 3000 W, 230 V, 50/60 Hz, 4HP
- rotation speed: 800-2000 rpm
- adjustable head to better reach the edges
- tool diameter: 240 mm
- tank capacity: 18 l
- dimensions: 70x110x25 cm
- weight: 55 kg
- yield: concrete sanding 20-25 m²/h; marble and terrace sanding 45-57 m²/h; resin removal 15-25 m²/h; glue removal 10-20 m²/h
- sound emission level: 74 dB
- vibrations of the hand-arm system with DA00 at the machine handle: 5 m/s
- CE declaration of conformity

Code Disk size
L050001 240 mm
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