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Cyclone pre-separator for vacuum cleaners
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Cyclone pre-separator for vacuum cleaners

The Isoplam cyclone separator filter is the accessory that is combined with Isoplam professional vacuum cleaners and which prevents heavy dust and small objects (shavings, metal or glass fragments, screws, pebbles...) from sanding or simple vacuuming operations. enter the vacuum cleaner, thus protecting the suction system from clogging, damage and wear for a long time, both as regards the filters and the motor: the vacuum cleaner will maintain high suction performance for longer.
The pre-separator is equipped with a high efficiency cyclonic system which allows the collection of airborne particles which, due to the centrifugal and gravitational force, slide to the bottom of the device and are collected in the 90 l stainless steel bin.
It is equipped with a sturdy trolley with wheels to move easily even on construction sites and practical handles for lifting. The union has a diameter of 38 mm.

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P530001 90 liter stainless steel drum
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