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Resinoid discs Flash Diamond
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Resinoid discs Flash Diamond for Levigator Isoplam sander

The Flash Diamond resinoid discs with a diameter of 7.5 cm allow for a good degree of floor polishing in just 3 stages, thus shortening processing times. In the first stage, green discs are used to remove slight unevenness and scratches, even on the hardest surfaces, and to remove excess filler. They prepare the surface for the subsequent stages. In the second stage, red discs are used to even out the surface. In the third stage, white discs are used to polish and give shine to the floor. They are ideal for finishing cementitious surfaces, Venetian terrazzoverlay, marble, and natural stones. They should be applied in sets of 9 pieces on the appropriate Velcro supports of the planetary of the Levigator Isoplam sander L050006.

Code Size Grit
Ø = 75 mm 60-120
Ø = 75 mm 120-220

Ø = 75 mm 400-800
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