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Vacuum cleaner, wet & dry
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Vacuum cleaner for water and dust for industrial use

The dust and liquid vacuum cleaner with 80 l bin is the powerful and practical professional vacuum cleaner to use and indispensable for cleaning professionals for use within hospitals, hotels, swimming pools, gyms, schools, production areas, large stores...
Isoplam vacuum cleaners and liquids for industrial use allow the suction of solids and liquids both separately and simultaneously, without the need to stop and change the filter, thus optimizing times and without intervention by the operator.

The dust and liquid vacuum cleaner has the following characteristics:
- motor: 1600W
- weight: 19 kg
- filtering surface: 3725 cm²
- air flow: 58.7 l/s
- power cable length: 15 m
- rubber brush
- stainless steel tubes
- automatic filter cleaning
- drain hose for quick emptying of dirty water
- ergonomic handle that facilitates transport
- large diameter wheels that improve stability and maneuverability
- sound emission level: <70 db
- dimensions: 58x95x48 cm
- CE declaration of conformity

It is possible to purchase the front squeegee A013001 separately, useful for vacuuming liquids on large surfaces, and the paper filter bags S070003.

Code Features
A201001 Liquid vacuum cleaner without accessories
A013001 Front windscreen for aspiration

The blade for pushing water and liquids is to be used with the A201001 liquid vacuum cleaner and allows you to quickly remove large quantities of water from large surfaces.
S070003 Paper bag filter

The paper bag for collecting solid waste allows you to easily filter and collect the dry part resulting from vacuuming.
A201002 Tendifilter basket spare part
A201003 Floating gasket spare part
A201004 Floating  Ø 87 spare part


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