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Precision electronic balance
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Electronic scale capacity 32 kg division 1 g

The professional precision bench scale is the tool for the correct and precise weighing of products for use on construction sites, laboratories, kitchens... It is essential for weighing two-component resins on construction sites and materials that require dosing. It combines ease of use and maximum precision: it weighs up to 32000 g with an accuracy of 1 gram, displaying the data on the large LCD display. The resistance and ease of cleaning of the stainless steel weighing surface combine with the lightness of the ABS structure. The scale can be connected to electricity or run on batteries.

It has the following characteristics:
- capacity: 32 kg / 32000 g
- bidirectional RS-232 interface
- stabilization time: 2 seconds
- operating temperature: from -10°C to 40°C
- power supply: 230 VAC 50/60 Hz
- internal rechargeable battery (approximately 90 hours of life)
- external automatic calibration
- 6-digit digital LCD display with capacity indicator and symbols for measurement units
- ABS bonnet, stainless steel platform
- plate dimensions: 315x315x110 mm
- weight: 4.4 kg
- functions: weighing, piece counting, % weighing, weight control, totalizations, clock, possibility of sending data

Code Capacity Precision
B080001 Up to 32 kg 1 gram
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