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Sandpaper discs
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Double-sided sandpaper discs for single-brush machines

The paper abrasive disc for single disc machines is the essential professional accessory for sanding concrete, microcement, wood and parquet floors, for removing resins, roughening surfaces for preparing substrates and cleaning in general.
It is produced with high quality heavy antistatic abrasive paper (250÷300 g/m²) with silicon carbide and double resin, closed cells, ideal for mechanical processing.
The double-sided sanding disc has a hole with 8 cuts and can be used from both sides.
The abrasive discs are easily installed under the sandpaper drive disc or under the sponge discs of the single disc machine.
The discs for scratching floors have a diameter of 42.5 cm and are available in various types of grit.

Code Size Features Pack
D390003 Ø = 43,18 cm -17" Grade 16  10 pcs
D390004 Ø = 43,18 cm -17" Grade 24 10 pcs
D390005 Ø = 43,18 cm -17" Grade 36 10 pcs
D390006 Ø = 43,18 cm - 17" Grade 60 10 pcs
D390007 Ø = 43,18 cm - 17" Grade 80 10 pcs
D390001 Ø = 43,18 cm - 17" Grade 100 10 pcs
D390002 Ø = 43,18 cm - 17" Grade 120 10 pcs


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