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Abrasive mesh pads
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Abrasive mesh pads for single disc machines

The Isoplam abrasive mesh disc for single disc machines allows you to sand concrete, microcement, wood and parquet floors, remove resins, roughen surfaces for the preparation of substrates and carry out cleaning operations in general. The open structure of the mesh allows for better dust elimination and prevents the formation of accumulations and blockages for clean work, high stock removal and long life of the disc: the abrasive maintains its effectiveness for longer and sands more quickly, reducing processing costs. If used with a single disc machine equipped with a suction system, the discs with abrasive mesh prevent the dispersion of dust in the work environment, avoiding having to cover with sheets and protecting the operator's health.
The abrasive screens are easily installed under the sandpaper drive disc or under the sponge discs of the single disc machine.
They are made of a robust abrasive nylon mesh without a central hole, have a diameter of 40.7 cm and are available in various grits.

Code Size Features Pack
D440006 Ø = 43,18 cm - 17" Grade 60 10 pcs
D440001 Ø = 43,18 cm - 17" Grade 100 10 pcs
D440002 Ø = 43,18 cm - 17" Grade 120 10 pcs
D440003 Ø = 43,18 cm - 17" Grade 180 10 pcs
D440004 Ø = 43,18 cm - 17" Grade 220 10 pcs
D440005 Ø = 43,18 cm - 17" Grade 320 10 pcs


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