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Plam Rele
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Powder release agent for stamped concrete

Waterproof release powder, which gives an architectonic effect to the Plam Stampable stamped floor and it acts as a dividing membrane between the fresh concrete and the stamps. It contains Bayer synthetic iron oxide and specific additives, resistant and UV resistant. Plam Rele Isoplam is available in pails and in 18 standard colors. Customized colors are available for big quantities.

Code Pack Colors
D22029000136 13,6 Kg Incolore
D22003500136 13,6 Kg Old white
D22019500136 13,6 Kg Light gray
D22004000136 13,6 Kg Medium gray
D22012000136 13,6 Kg Dark gray
D22008000136 13,6 Kg Carbon black
D22002000136 13,6 Kg Cool white
D22041500136 13,6 Kg Antique rose
D22025000136 13,6 Kg Tawny
D22044000136 13,6 Kg Clay
D22026000136 13,6 Kg Autumn brown
d22047500136 13,6 Kg Autumn wood
D22004900136 13,6 Kg Nocciola
D22014500136 13,6 Kg Rose * 
D22043500136 13,6 Kg Tile Red
D22034500136 13,6 Kg Victorian red
D22032000136 13,6 Kg Pale orange *
D22049000136 13,6 Kg Yellow sun
D22040500136 13,6 Kg Deep green *

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