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Pavilux Overlay
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Fiber reinforced cementitious mix

Pavilux Overlay Isoplam is a mineral hardener and a fiber reinforced mix developed for the realization of 1-2,5 cm thickness hardened floors with elevated mechanical resistance to compression and to abrasion. It is ideal for the realization of the new wear layer on deteriorated industrial floors, for outdoor and indoor applications, for heavy traffic. It may be used with the “fresh over fresh” method or “fresh over hard”, after the application of the cementitious primer Cement Primer. It is used as an alternative to Pavilux, to realize low thickness decorative floors. This product may be supplied with corundum or steel.

Code Pack Color
25 Kg White
25 Kg Platinum
25 Kg Mineral gray
25 Kg Taupe
P21032500250 25 Kg Light gray
P21049500250 25 Kg Silver
25 Kg Pierre blue
P21019500250 25 Kg Medium gray
P21012000250 25 Kg Dark gray
25 Kg Old White
25 Kg Tortora
P21015500250 25 Kg Crema
P21009000250 25 Kg Champagne
P21022500250 25 Kg Oak
P21032000250 25 Kg Pale Orange
P21038000250 25 Kg Stone
P21029500250 25 Kg Ocra Sardegna
25 Kg Sahara
P21037500250 25 Kg Sabbia Bologna
P21049000250 25 Kg Yellow sun
P21041500250 25 Kg Antique rose
P21025000250 25 Kg Tawny
P21044000250 25 Kg Clay
25 Kg Pecos sand
P21016000250 25 Kg Havana
P21026000250 25 Kg Autumn Brown
P21035500250 25 Kg Pink
P21043500250 25 Kg Tile red
P21036500250 25 Kg Red mountain
P21040000250 25 Kg * Blue Caribbean
25 Kg * Seafoam green
P21033000250 25 Kg Philly blu
P21020000250 25 Kg * Deep green
P21020500250 25 Kg Cemento
25 Kg Lavagna
P21017000250 25 Kg Miele
P21042000250 25 Kg Cuoio
P21036000250 25 Kg Rubino
P21047000250 25 Kg Bosco

* colori disponibili su ordinazione
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