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Microverlay Color Folder
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Microverlay color holder

The new color folder contains 48 shades of colors and finishes of microcemento Microverlay®. indispensable tool for decorators, architects and interior designers, it is compact and allows you to support customers in the choice of finishes of its residential and commercial spaces.

Code Features Size
A012002 Medium + Finish Water opaca 200 x 280 mm (closed)
A012003 Medium + Finish Water lucida 200 x 280 mm (closed)
A012004 Medium + Finish Pol opaca 200 x 280 mm (closed)
A120005 Medium + Finish Pol lucida 200 x 280 mm (closed)
A012006 Base + Medium Water opaca 200 x 280 mm (closed)
A012007 Base + Medium Water lucida 200 x 280 mm (closed)
A012008 Base + Medium Pol opaca 200 x 280 mm (closed)
A012009 Base + Medium Pol lucida 200 x 280 mm (closed)
A012011 Base Stardust + Finish Plam Pol opaca 200 x 280 mm (closed)
A012010 Base Stardust + Finish Water Mono opaca 200 x 280 mm (closed)
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