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Two-components, polymeric cement based coating

Microverlay Isoplam is a two-component cementitious polymeric system suited for surfaces and continues skim coating, architectural and decorative, for internal and external spaces. In only 3 mm of thickness you can cover and renovate innumerable types of surfaces: degraded concrete, screed, tiles, ceramic coatings, mosaic, furniture.

They will transform into unique works with a great aesthetic effect. The Microverlay system is made up of Microverlay Liquid Polymer, polymeric binder, and of a special cement mixture available in 3 versions of different grain sizes: Base, Medium and Finish. Each of them is available in three colorings: White, Light Gray and Gray. According to the aim and the aesthetic desired one or more coatings of the same mixture can be applied. Furthermore, you can obtain more than 50 colors, available in Isoplam’s Microverlay color box®, colouring Microverlay Liquid Polymer with the UV-resistant colors Plam Color and mixing them with the White, Gray or Light Gray powder.

The new effect Microverlay Base Stardust, born by the cooperation of architects and designers, enables the creation of a decorative coating of great aesthetic impact, applicable also on floors thanks to its high resistance – as well as on walls and furniture. Microverlay Base Stardust® (White, Gray, Light Gray), mixed with Liquid Polymer® and with the addition of Plam Color® , allows to be personalized in all the tones present in the color chart. 

Code Pack Colors
M19248000250 25 Kg Base white
M19048000250 25 Kg Medium white
M19148000175 17,5 Kg Finish white
M19219400250 25 Kg Base light gray
M19019400250 25 Kg Medium light gray
M19119400175 17,5 Kg Finish light gray
M19219500250 25 Kg Base gray
M19019500250 25 Kg Medium gray
M19119500175 17,5 Kg Finish gray
M19241200250 25 Kg Base Stardust White
M19241400250 25 Kg Base Stardust light gray
M19241300250 25 Kg Base Stardust gray
L010017000 17 Lt Microverlay Liquid Polymer
L010005000 5 Lt Microverlay Liquid Polymer 
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