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Micro Velvet

Micro Velvet. Visual continuity with a sculptural impact
Micro Velvet

Micro Velvet by Isoplam is the new version of Microverlay that combines a velvety and marble effect with the resistance and extreme versatility of concrete in just 3 mm thickness. Furthermore, the uneven movements on the surface make Micro Velvet slightly non-slip but at the same time smooth and pleasant to the touch. The excellent qualities of adhesion on any type of support or material (plasterboard, ceramic, marble, mosaic, tiles, sand-cement screed, concrete, wood, plastic, glass), the low thickness and the possibility of being applied easily on the surface pre-existing, have made it the most suitable solution not only for the living room floor, the column in the living room and the steps leading to the terrace, but also for covering the furniture and furnishing accessories.
Micro Velvet, in fact, allows you to create vertical textures bringing the concrete into the third dimension, thanks to its flexibility and the special Isoplam decorative tools. Isoplam's Micro Velvet cladding is proof that the creativity and versatility of concrete surfaces give indoor environments a visual continuity with a sculptural impact, from the floor to the furnishing accessories.

Resin cements

Furthermore, the high resistance to wear and impact make it perfect not only for flooring in domestic environments, but also for any internal and external context, private and public, with medium or high traffic. But that's not all: thanks to its water repellency, it can be applied in situations in contact with water, such as shower cubicles, sinks, worktops, kitchen tops and poolsides. Finally, Micro Velvet stands out for its low environmental impact: formulated on a water basis and free from formaldehyde, it is an excellent solution with which to reconcile design and the absence of emissions dangerous for people and the environment. This attention is well suited to those who want to keep an eye on the health of the environment without sacrificing comfort.

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  1. Smoothing of the concrete, screed, self-leveling or tile surface.
  2. Application of Vapor Barrier with glass fiber mesh.
  3. Application of Microverlay Base Stardust with intermediate sanding and cleaning.
  4. Application of Microverlay Finish with intermediate sanding and cleaning.
  5. After curing, application of the suitable final protective.
  1. Cleaning the plaster support.
  2. Application of Deco Primer Finish.
  3. Application of Microverlay Base Stardust, sanding and cleaning.
  4. Application of Microverlay Finish, sanding and cleaning.
  5. After complete drying, application of a suitable final protective agent.
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