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Tue Apr 12, 2022

Metal effect on walls, furniture and furnishing accessories

Would you like to use a metal effect on walls and furnishing accessories in your home?

Whatever type of metal effect you are looking for, Isoplam® has the right solution for you.

Read on to discover all the secrets of this type of finish on walls, furniture, and furnishing accessories thanks to the use of Isoplam® products and proposals.

Metal effect 

The metal effect finish is getting increasingly popular. This type of effect is often chosen to cover walls, but the versatility of this finish also allows other types of application. In fact, the metal effect is also widely used on furniture and furnishing accessories.

The success of this type of finish is due to one main factor: the ability of this effect to give light to every corner of the house.

But how many types of metal effects are there? The options are many. Let's see some of them.

Corten steel effect 

The corten steel effect is certainly one of the most popular metallic effect coatings. This type of coating is also called "rust colour finish" and is widely known for its benefits:

- It gives light to any environment

- It heats the atmosphere but in an elegant way

What is corten steel effect?

Corten steel is a versatile material with a thousand properties. Its main feature, its low concentration of alloy, makes it suitable for many uses. Corten steel was initially used as an external cladding for architecture and installations, and then quickly conquered the world of interior design as well.

Do you want to obtain a perfect corten effect on a surface without installing metal panels? 

Isoplam® offers you the Oxydecor® line.

This product line is specifically designed to recreate the effect of corten steel, galvanized steel, copper and verderame. This rust-effect coating is ideal for creating vertical surfaces that recall the effect of oxidized corten steel panels in all respects.

Furthermore, thanks to Oxydecor products you can obtain a perfect corten, copper , zinc or verderame effect reducing material costs and production times. But that's not all: Oxydecor allows you to obtain a beautiful metal effect even on surfaces that are not metallic, such as wood, plastic, or plaster.

This makes the Oxydecor line ideal for creating your corten steel effect on any type of support, even on furnishing accessories.

How do you create corten steel effect on surfaces?

To obtain the corten metal effect, we start by cleaning the substrate to be treated. A coat of Isoplam® dedicated adhesion products, namely Deco Primer Finish and Oxyrust Primer, is then applied with a roller. Then we move on to the application of two coats of Oxyrust Paint with a spatula and a coat of Oxyrust Oxidant. This product can be applied by spray, pad, or sponge, depending on the type of effect you want to achieve. 

Afterwards, Oxyrust Activator product is applied by spray over the entire surface treated. Finally, after drying, you can move on to the application of the protective that will give a finish to your new corten-effect surface.

Metallic effect paint 

If you prefer a real metallic effect , as bright as brass or tin, Isoplam® offers you the Plamina coating. This product is specially designed to recreate the metal effect on any type of surface. Plus, it's super easy to apply and anti-mold, making it perfect for any type of application in your home.

An example? Plamina is a perfect covering to obtain a metal effect on bathroom walls. Plamina makes it possible to obtain smooth or textured shiny metallic effects, ideal for covering plasters, but also plasterboard, wood, metal, or PVC.

How do I get the metal effect on my wall?

The first thing to do is to make the existing support perfectly clean and cohesive because this surface will be treated to obtain the metal effect. Once the clean surface is obtained, the primer is applied and, subsequently, a coat of the Plamina mixture of the chosen color. At this point, after the surface has dried, we move on to smoothing and polishing the surface.

Metal effect kitchen worktops

Have you ever thought of using the metal effect to give new life to the kitchen top?

With Isoplam® it is possible to create a wonderful kitchen top cover! Using Oxydecor and Plamina product lines you can obtain a perfect kitchen top with a metal effect, reducing costs and application times.

Isoplam® offers you a wide range of colors, materials, and glossy effects to choose from. Furthermore, Isoplam® products can be applied on any base surface. Therefore, you can avoid replacing your kitchen top, by just treating it on the surface, and give it a new life.

Thus, you will get a fantastic metallic effect in your kitchen, reducing costs and reducing construction times.

If you are looking for suggestions, please take a look at our projects and discover some creations with metallic effects or corten steel effect (here is an example). Discover the achievable design interventions thanks to our range of products.

1121 - 12 - Effetto metallo su pareti, mobili, complementi d’arredo e oggetti di design - 00
1121 - 12 - Effetto metallo su pareti, mobili, complementi d’arredo e oggetti di design - 01
1121 - 12 - Effetto metallo su pareti, mobili, complementi d’arredo e oggetti di design - 02
1121 - 12 - Effetto metallo su pareti, mobili, complementi d’arredo e oggetti di design - 03
1121 - 12 - Effetto metallo su pareti, mobili, complementi d’arredo e oggetti di design - 04
1121 - 12 - Effetto metallo su pareti, mobili, complementi d’arredo e oggetti di design - 05
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