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Metallic coating for interiors

Plamina is the new, refined decorative coating for interiors designed and produced by Isoplam to create suggestive metallic effects on surfaces. The resin is water-based and solvent-free, it can be applied to walls, ceilings, tables, counters and furnishing accessories. Plamina is available in a wide range of versions: bronze, iron, brass, tin, copper, zinc.

Plamina is an easy-to-apply, anti-mold product, designed to enhance new surfaces or to be restored. Its metallic effects - material or glossy - can coat plasters (based on hydraulic binders, gypsum or lime), surfaces whitened with synthetic or mineral paints, plasterboard, concrete, wood, fiber cement, metal and PVC.

Code Features Pack Image
E01000010 Plamina Componente A 1 Kg
E01500010 Plamina Componente B 1 Kg
M00500010 Plamina metallo Bronzo 1 Kg
M00500040 Plamina metallo Bronzo 4 Kg
M00400010 Plamina metallo Ferro 1 Kg
M00400040 Plamina metallo Ferro 4 Kg
M00600010 Plamina metallo Ottone 1 Kg
M00600040 Plamina metallo Ottone 4 Kg
M00100010 Plamina metallo Rame 1 Kg
M00100040 Plamina metallo Rame 4 Kg
M00200010 Plamina metallo Stagno 1 Kg
M00200040 Plamina metallo Stagno 4 Kg
M00300010 Plamina metallo Zinco 1 Kg
M00300040 Plamina metallo Zinco 4 Kg
PLAMINA Catalogue (5.45 Mb .pdf)
PLAMINA Data sheet PDF (227.38 Kb .pdf)
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