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Yorkshire Cobble Set
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Yorkshire Cobble Set

York was, for many years, the heart of England. When troubled times fell upon London, Kings and Queens would retreat back to York, safe behind fortified walls. York cathedral stands in the center of the cobbled streets that inspired us to recreate these 13th century cobble stones.

Code Description Size # per set
S391002 Full set 17
This set includes:
S391013 Full tool 149,86 x 59,69 cm 6
S391014 Left 74,93 x 60,32 cm 2
S391017 Single stone 21,59 x 12,065 cm 3
S391015 Double row border 110,49 x 24,13 cm 1
S391016 Soldier Course border 105,41 x 20,32 cm 1
S391018 2x2 skin 60,96 x 60,96 cm 1
S391019 1x1 skin 30,48 x 30,48 cm 1
S391020 Full floppy 149,86 x 59,69 cm 1
R350001 Round touch up Sanded joint 12,7 mm 1
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