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Wed Jun 21, 2023

Verandas and porches become oases of tranquility and individual expression with Isoplam creative cements

Isoplam continuous surfaces restore all the beauty and resistance of concrete in floors and walls that transform outdoor environments, such as verandas and porches, into regenerating spaces with a unique personality.

Verandas and porches are very versatile spaces suited to relaxation which in summer become shelters to enjoy the outdoors away from the sun. Their innumerable interpretations, from a welcoming entrance to a sitting room where you can read a good book to a breakfast corner for the family, make these places an oasis of tranquillity, among plants, flowers and fresh air. The ever-growing need to regenerate and stay outdoors pushes design professionals to break with conventions and look for solutions that highlight exteriors of this type: no longer as decorative appendages to interiors, but as environments of individual expression with a peculiar identity.

Isoplam continuous surface solutions are a valid ally in the creation of verandas and porches with a unique personality, thanks to refined material textures, elegant finishes and a wide color palette available, to play with colors and contrasts. In addition to making rooms larger and more airy, proving to be ideal in the case of small-sized areas, creative cements are resistant, long-lasting, they are not afraid of humidity or sudden changes in temperature. In addition, the absence of joints makes ordinary cleaning extremely easy.

Skygrip: a texture with a strong visual impact

Skygrip is the coating by Isoplam which, in just 2 millimeters thick, gives the floors of verandas and porches a great tactile and visual appeal, highlighting any apparent relief of the surface. Indeed, thanks to the rough and particularly material finish, the floor is non-slip even when wet and its non-slip properties allow you to walk barefoot safely, avoiding the formation of fragments and allowing you to experience outdoor spaces in total tranquillity. Available in numerous colours, Skygrip guarantees perfect resistance to atmospheric agents, freezing and thawing cycles, chlorine and saltiness, without any problem of shrinkage, abrasion or cracking.
Being extremely thin, Skygrip lends itself perfectly in situations with thickness and weight limits, such as in redevelopments. Therefore, it can also be applied to pre-existing floors, without the need to remove or demolish them. For example, on ceramics, tiles, marble, concrete, sand-cement screed or self-levelling.

Deco Nuvolato Grip: the elegance of the shaded effect

Deco Nuvolato Grip is Isoplam's solution with a combed finish that in 8 centimeters of thickness is able to combine elegant and delicate aesthetics with the best mechanical performance. Its effect is pleasantly nuanced, with darker color variations that stand out against a lighter background. The end result is an ethereal-looking decorative cladding that takes inspiration from clouds, with light and shadow adding further depth and visual interest. Composed of a special blend of cement, spheroidal quartz and iron oxides, this creative cement is suitable for surfaces that must resist ultraviolet rays, wear and atmospheric agents, such as those of verandas and porches that require ample durability. Finally, with the addition of special sealants and protective agents, Deco Nuvolato Grip makes surfaces water-repellent, stain-resistant, oil-resistant and dust-proof.
Deco Nuvolato Grip, pavimento nuvolato antiscivolo finitura medium gray. Villa privata
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