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Mon Jan 23, 2023

Terrazzoverlay by Isoplam: timeless elegance for renovations in the name of comfort and beauty

Renovating interiors is not just a matter of functionality, because well-being and aesthetics today play a fundamental role in the new way of living in the home. Precise needs that Isoplam satisfies with Terrazzoverlay, a low-thickness reinterpretation of the Venetian floor that combines quality, practicality and timeless charm.

The home has taken on a central role in the new way of living everyday life. The data from the 5th edition of the CasaDoxa 2022 Observatory* confirm this: 68% of people spend more time in their homes, also dedicating themselves to activities they previously did elsewhere, such as working or keeping fit.

The consequent search for a higher quality of living, capable of putting not only the well-being of the person at the forefront, but also environmental and energy sustainability, has resulted in a great recourse to the renovation of the pre-existing buildings, also encouraged by important government tax deductions .

To renovate your home under the banner of this new planning of good living*, Isoplam offers Terrazzoverlay, a decorative surface capable of redeveloping spaces in the name of well-being, functionality and aesthetics.

For quick and non-invasive renovations

Terrazzoverlay by Isoplam is the continuous decorative floor that allows you to reproduce the typical texture of the Venetian terrazzo in just 4-8 mm thick. The prestigious and refined aesthetic does not disregard the functionality: the covering, in fact, is perfect not only in the case of new constructions, but also in the case of renovation, since it can be applied on the pre-existing floor - even with underfloor heating - without invasive works dismantling and in a relatively short time, given that the surface can be sanded after 7 days.

Furthermore, the very thin thickness makes this solution a precious ally for worry-free redevelopments, since it increases the probability of being able to easily adapt doors and French windows to the new ground level by intervening only on the hinges, rather than having to adapt the entire frame structure with complex trimming work.

A unique surface throughout the house, for life

Made with a blend of Italian marble and cement powder, Terrazzoverlay allows you to create a single continuous flooring throughout the house. Also perfect in areas such as the bathroom and kitchen – thanks to its high resistance to humidity, traffic, scratches and knocks – it requires minimal maintenance and is very easy to clean, as you just need to vacuum the dust and polish it to make it come back to its original appearance.

Customizable in different colors and with the addition of inserts in mother-of-pearl or other natural stones, for an even more precious and authentic look, Terrazzoverlay is available both in the interior version (smooth and glossy) and in the exterior version (rough, satin , bush-hammered and non-slip). The high degree of customization is a significant advantage during the renovation phase, because it allows the floor to be adapted to the new style of the home or, on the contrary, it allows the furnishings and finishes to be enhanced by contrast. Finally, the water-based composition and the VOC class A+ certification ensure the complete healthiness of the coating, to protect people and the environment.

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* Source: https://www.bva-doxa.com/casadoxa-2022-per-gli-italiani-la-casa-e-sempre-piu-centrale-nel-buon-vivere/
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