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Acid stain flooring gives life to unique and fine surfaces, enhanced by an intriguing vintage, pleasantly worn appearance.

Plam Acid render
  1. Formwork setting and placement of steel reinforcement.
  2. Laying of the concrete added with the COLDPAV or HOTPAV and DECO FIBRE ISOPLAM®.
  3. Application of DECO NUVOLATO ISOPLAM® ISOPLAM® by power trowel and smoothing the floor.
  4. After the necessary maturity, 20-30 days, wash with special cleaner PLAM APRIPORI ISOPLAM® and apply PLAM ACID ISOPLAM® in one or more hands.
  5. Washing the surface with NEUTRA CLEAN LIQUIDO ISOPLAM®.
  6. Application of PLAM DENSIFIER densifier ISOPLAM® with monobrush and then a layer of IPM METALLIC WAX ISOPLAM®.


Acid stain flooring is obtained by spraying onto the preexisting surface a special acid colorant for concrete that changes the color chemically. The acids, based on metallic salts, penetrate the flooring and create special and charming effects of lights and shadows, tones, variegations, and shades.

Acid stain flooring is suited to every type of environment, transforming the concrete into a very dramatic decorative finishing. Each acid stain floor is unique and personalizable as desired.

The color of the acid stain flooring changes permanently. Unlike floors simply colored on the surface or made of colored resin, the acid stain flooring maintains its fine appearance over time; it does not discolor or crack and has a high resistance to abrasion. This solution is very effective to create surfaces that are esthetically attractive and practical at the same time, such as flooring for shops, showroom, public sites, and shopping centers subject to frequent walking.

Fields of application of acid stain flooring
acid stain flooring is an excellent solution to create decorative surfaces in private residences, lofts, shops, showrooms, restaurants, discotheques, pubs, public sites, hotels, shopping centers, and exposition and trade show pavilions. 


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