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The proper maintenance of concrete flooring allows keeping the surfaces always beautiful, undamaged and resistant, protecting them from wear and making them easier to clean. 


Intervening afterward, to refurbish damaged floors, can be problematic and very costly. Isoplam® has developed a full range of products for the treatment of concrete flooring able to ensure suitable protection of the surfaces over time.

Flooring maintenance with hardener

PLAM DENSIFIER Hardener is a perfect sealant; it penetrates in depth, seals and fortifies the flooring. It can increase the resistance of the flooring up to 100%, strengthen resistance of the control joint corners and reduce the formation of microfissures.
Concrete flooring maintenance with PLAM DENSIFIER Hardener makes the flooring more resistant to abrasion, impact and wear. It is thus particularly indicated in all the situations subject to pedestrian traffic, such as public sites, gymnasiums, shopping centers, schools, hospitals, and subject to vehicular traffic such as ports, airports, zones affected by the frequent passage of forklifts and lift trucks, warehouses; areas for storing merchandise, manufacturing facilities, automobile industries, food, mechanical workshops, and distribution centers.
PLAM DENSIFIER Hardener also makes the flooring impermeable to water and reduces the absorption of oil. It can be applied also as an anti-dust treatment for flooring, ensuring an anti-dust guarantee of 10 years.
The flooring remains clean longer and ordinary maintenance is simpler.
PLAM DENSIFIER Hardener is a colorless, water base chemical solution, a non-toxic product that can be used immediately after installation. Unlike the traditional resin (epoxy, acrylic or polyurethane) it does not yellow, change its color, splinter or peel, and also prevents the appearance of signs of wear caused by pneumatics and traffic. It gives a pleasant semi-lucid effect to the flooring that improves over time: the more the flooring is used, the more beautiful and shining it becomes.

Oil-proof flooring maintenance

Isoplam® Antiolio is a specific solution for flooring maintenance with oil-repellent impregnation. Compared with a common treatment, oil-proof flooring is not a resin surface finishing that allows the oily substance to penetrate when the first coat is consumed, and it is much more convenient than creating thick layers of resin.
Antiolio Isoplam® penetrates in depth and impregnates the concrete, ensuring good oil and spot repellant properties. It also reduces the formation of mold, soil and efflorescence, making cleaning and maintenance simpler.
Over time, Antiolio Isoplam® does not cause detachment, peeling or wear of the concrete, and reduces the appearance of cracks, flaking and damages caused by freezing/melting cycle. In the long-term, it ensures good stability also on alkaline surfaces.

Water-repellent, salt-proof and anti-ice flooring maintenance

Idrorep/A is a specific transparent water base, water-repellent salt-proof treatment for flooring of concrete, natural stones, stamped concrete, spray concrete,  exposed aggregate and brick. It penetrates the surface, making it impermeable to water, and prevents damage caused during freezing and melting cycles. It prevents the formation of efflorescence due to standing water and simplifies cleaning and ordinary maintenance.
Idrorep/S is a transparent water-repellent solvent base able to penetrate concrete more deeply up to 6 mm. This makes the flooring impermeable to either surface water or leaks. It is used for stamped concrete flooring treatments, spray concrete, exposed aggregate, brick, natural stone and all concrete surfaces. Idrorep/S prevents the formation of efflorescence caused by standing water and facilitates ordinary cleaning and maintenance.


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