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Steel dowel bars
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Steel dowel bars

Isoplam steel dowel bars are disposable elements made up of smooth round bars in S275JR+AR structural steel for construction, with a low carbon content and with a natural rolling state and are CE certified according to EN 10025-2/2019. They have variable lengths between 60 and 75 cm and variable diameters between 14 and 20 mm. The Isoplam steel dowel bar is used as a load sharing bar between two concrete slabs in industrial flooring and has the function of contrasting vertical movements and supporting horizontal ones. If they are used with Isoplam Construction Joints, the bar is housed in the hole prepared for it. In this case the bar is supplied with a plastic sheath blocked at the end by a plastic cap.

Code Size
B040001  Ø 18x750 mm 
B040002  Ø 20x750 mm 
B040004   Ø 16x750 mm 
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