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Plam Airless electric membrane

The Isoplam airless atomizer pump is the airless spray painting device that guarantees a fast and very high yield application of resins, varnishes, enamels, primers and paints, without the formation of fog or overspray. It involves the use of the 30 l gravity tank (sold separately) to be applied to the machine which allows you to avoid having to drag the jars with the risk of tipping them over; the unused paint product can be easily recovered. It is equipped with handlebars and large rear wheels and swivel front wheels which make it light and easy to manoeuvre.

The spraying machine has the following features:
- motor: single-phase electric 1.1 kW, 230 V, 50 Hz
- weight: 45 kg
- sound emission level: 75 dB
- maximum pressure: 220 Bar
- free flow: 5 l/min
- range of action: 50 m
- maximum spray nozzle hole diameter: 0.025"
- prevalence: 50 mca
- dimensions: 65x45x85 cm
- CE declaration of conformity

The complete kit (pressure gauge, anti-vibration hose, 10 meter diameter 1/4" high pressure hose, Airless gun, 60 cm gun extension, self-cleaning nozzle) and the tank are sold separately.

Code Features
P520002  Electric pump - no accessories
A014001 30 Lt tank 

The Isoplam 1/4" industrial flexible high pressure airless spray gun hose is made of quality material that is resistant to oil, grease and alkali and has great resistance to abrasion and deterioration. The spray pump barrel offers low fluid resistance and high pressure capacity.
It is available in two length sizes: 7.5 m or 10 m.
A014002  Complete accessories kit 

The set of accessories for the Isoplam airless pump is the essential kit for using the pump for spraying.
Is composed by:
- gauge
- anti-vibration tube
- high pressure hose with a diameter of 1/4" and a length of 10 metres
- airless gun
- 60 cm extension for gun
- self-cleaning nozzle


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