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Wed Feb 01, 2023

Skysense by Isoplam: the slightly polished effect for elegant and sinuous surfaces with a high aesthetic impact

Isoplam presents Skysense, the new low-thickness floor that renews and illuminates interiors thanks to its cloudy effect with light shades, capable of softening the chromatic uniformity of the concrete and transmitting a luminous atmosphere to the rooms.

The design trends of the new year are clear: 2023 brings with it the desire for spaces that are as airy, meditative and multifunctional as possible, which are able to give a sense of serenity and comfort through delicate effects, soothing colors, and minimal with a refined and sinuous style that stands out for its eclectic essence and the sustainability of the materials.

Sharp, expressive, creator of high quality without excesses or redundancies: the new Skysense™ decorative surface by Isoplam is the perfect synthesis between the elegance of the slightly cloudy effect and the versatility of the low-thickness coating. In just 2 millimeters, this cement coating transforms the interiors of residences, offices, shops and showrooms into scenographic environments with a high aesthetic impact, thanks to the light and soft shades that soften the chromatic uniformity of the cement, to give the environment a contemporary look and convey a bright atmosphere.

High-impact aesthetics

Highly customizable thanks to the various finishes and the 34 colors available, the new Skysense™ by Isoplam allows you to reproduce the characteristic nuances and industrial style of Nuvolato even on large floors, but with a much lighter and more impalpable effect thanks to the absence of dark clouds.

The result is a continuous surface with an innovative finish that highlights the flooring as a central design element, marrying with interiors with a minimalist character where the power of simplicity and the refinement of clean lines dominate.

Perfect for renovating old flooring

The low thickness (2 mm) allows Skysense™ to cover existing floors without the need to remove or demolish them, with a clear saving of time and costs. In fact, the coating can be applied in an extremely practical and quick way on ceramic, tiles, marble, cement, sand-cement screed or on self-levelling, giving old and worn surfaces a sophisticated material look, of great appeal and freshness.

The excellent qualities of adhesion and resistance to impact, chemical and atmospheric agents, abrasion, cracking and frost, make Skysense™ the ideal solution for covering any space, even with underfloor heating. Furthermore, the absence of joints makes the decorative surface easy to clean and the water-based composition does not release substances dangerous to people's health and the environment, in compliance with the most current regulations regarding safety and well-being.
Skysense, low thickness nuvolato effect floor with light gray finish. Enne Sport, Italy. Project: Studio Bonora & Associati
Skysense, low thickness nuvolato effect floor with light gray finish. Enne Sport, Italy. Project: Studio Bonora & Associati
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