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Round tip trowels with wooden handle
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Round tip trowels with wooden handle

Special professional finishing spatulas in carbon steel with rounded ends to avoid leaving lines on the surface of cement or concrete floors. The F290005 trowel is in harmonic blue steel, more flexible. Very resistant, they are ideal for industrial floor layers who have to finish concrete floors and want a robust and quality gypsum board. The long attachment of the handle to the blade ensures greater operator control of the trowel. They are widely used to smooth and finish stamped concrete surfaces, industrial floors, plasters... The trowel is equipped with a comfortable wooden handle that can be interchanged or replaced with the rubber spare part M040002 for a firmer and more stable grip of the tool . It is possible to remove the handle by unscrewing the screw at the end, insert the fresno Isoplam A050001 adapter to make the spoon rotate and, thanks to the use of special handles, be able to work surfaces from a distance.

Code Size
F320001 254 x 76 mm
F290001 356 x 102 mm
F290003  406 x 102 mm 
F290006 457 x 102 mm
F290005 508 x 127 mm
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