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Rotating Venetian marble Set
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Venetian rotating marble Set

Founded more than 1,500 years ago on 117 different islands, Venice, Italy is linked by a series of over 150 canals, 400 bridges and many ancient pavements. Travertine and Marble streets and sidewalks, cut with precision were then placed by skilled masons. The original stones were unfinished, now with hundreds of years of floods and use the marble and granite have naturally become honed and smooth.

Code Description Size # per set
S390072 Full set 15
This set includes:
S391021 Full tool 136,52 x 136,52 cm 6
S391022 Half tool 136,52 x 68,25 cm 2
S391023 1/4 tool 91,11 x 45,08 cm 2
S391024 2x2 skin 60,96 x 60,96 2
S391025 1x1 skin 30,48 x 30,48 cm 1
S391026 Full floppy 136,52 x 136,52 cm 1
R350002 Round touch up Sanded joint 9,5 mm 1
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