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Mon Oct 02, 2023

Plamina Ottone and the Raw Chic style: when imperfection becomes uniqueness with the Isoplam decorative covering

Isoplam illuminates the Raw Chic design with Plamina, a cement solution that combines boldness and beauty by reproducing the metal effect on the walls. In the Ottone version, Plamina transforms interior design, elevating the harmony of imperfection to a new aesthetic standard.

In the panorama of modern design, the Raw Chic style is making its way as a significant trend: it influences every aspect of interior design and reflects the desire to rediscover authenticity and personality. This style celebrates the beauty of imperfection with original combinations, for example thanks to the irregular material effect given by metals. An element which, if in the past it was relegated to the industrial category, today adds an undeniable metropolitan appeal to interiors, accentuating the uniqueness of the environments.

The Plamina decorative covering by Isoplam perfectly embodies the spirit of Raw Chic design, elevating the concept of imperfection to a new form of peculiarity and offering a point of balance between the bold and the unexplored. This cement-based product can be applied to the wall for a suggestive effect, which aims not only to simulate the appearance of precious metals, but also to enhance their brilliance, transforming them into a protagonist element of the furniture. Furthermore, with its variable and naturally aged touch, Plamina evokes the charm of the structures of the past, translating it into a contemporary and elegant style language.

The visual and material poetry of Plamina Ottone

It is sparkling, lively, and releases a warm and welcoming light: Plamina's Ottone nuance captures attention and redefines the traditional notion of a wall: no longer a simple background, but as the focus of a room, capable of modifying the perception of space and influence the entire environment with its presence.

Its intense metallic effect creates plays of chiaroscuro that make the material come alive, also thanks to the unique texture of Plamina, visually intriguing, which thanks to its irregularity reflects the light in an always different way, depending on the viewing angle. In addition to the brilliance of brass, this decorative coating by Isoplam is able to reproduce the warmth of bronze, the shine of copper and even the flashes of iron, tin and zinc.

Quality, resistance and versatility

Easily applicable on walls, ceilings and indoor accessories such as shelves, tables and kitchen tops, Plamina is a water-based coating, solvent-free binders and precious metal powders. Its technical and aesthetic properties not only allow the material to be characterized, making it highly expressive, but also allow the creation of surfaces resistant to impacts and impacts of objects.

Designed to enhance new or restored surfaces, with its material or glossy effects Plamina also resists mold and can coat plasters (based on hydraulic binders, gypsum and lime), supports whitewashed with synthetic or mineral paints, plasterboard, concrete, wood (MDF, plywood, chipboard and similar), fiber cement, metal or PVC. A statement of style, as well as excellent technical performance, which lends itself to a multitude of applications: from the domestic environment to that of a luxury hotel or a refined restaurant.
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