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Pad for driving pad shoes
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Sponge pads for trowels

The 2 cm thick abrasive pads are the accessories that allow you to carry out ordinary and extraordinary cleaning, washing, wax removal, polishing and application of treatments on flat surfaces in industrial and molded concrete, natural stone, tiles. Each abrasive felt is made of high-quality polyester sponge with a more open structure that improves performance and makes the pad easier to wash and reuse. The sponge pad is easily anchored to the driving blade of the mechanical smoother.

Three versions of abrasive sponges are available:
- black in color for aggressive washing operations of very dirty floors or those requiring dewaxing;
- red in color for washing floors with medium dirt;
- white in color for washing or polishing lightly soiled floors or delicate surfaces.

The abrasive pad is available for helicopter drivers with 90 or 120 cm diameter rotors, both single and double, and is sold individually.

Code Size Features
T05007500090 Ø = 90 cm White
T05036000090 Ø = 90 cm  Red 
T05027500090 Ø = 90 cm  Black 
T05007500120 Ø = 120 cm   White
T05036000120 Ø = 120 cm   Red 
T05027500120 Ø = 120 cm   Black 




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