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Non-woven fabric
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Roll of Non-Woven Fabric

The Isoplam Membrane - DPM of 200 g/m² is a non-woven draining geotextile in pure white polyester, mechanically bonded by needle punching. The Isoplam non-woven tear-proof permeable sheet is free from chemical or thermal treatments. It can be used in the most varied fields, from construction and infrastructure, to gardening, to agriculture: absorption mat before concrete castings for industrial, clouded and stamped floors; drainage; sports fields; land consolidation and stabilization; protection waterproofing sheaths; maritime works and protection of river and canal banks; prevention of the engraftment of root systems against weeds; mulch sheet; protective sheet; separating layer for self-locking screeds. In the context of concrete floors it is used in combination with nylon to retain excess water which would tend to remain in contact with the nylon; does not require overlap. It is also used after the construction of a concrete floor or cement paste to protect external floors from frost (spread the non-woven fabric on the floor and cover with Isoplam nylon) or to contain cracks and fissures in floors that require slow curing (spread the tnt on the surface, wet and cover with Isoplam nylon). Comes in reels of different sizes.

Code Size Pack
T190004 1 m x 50 m - 200 g/m² 10 Kg
T190003 2 m  x 50 m - 200 g/m² 20 Kg
T190001 2 m  x 100 m - 200 g/m² 40 Kg
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