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Plam Wax
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Natural protective for stamped walls and artificial rocks

Plam Wax Isoplam® is a dye consisting of natural waxes, water based, suitable to color and protect Plam Stone and Plam Rock from weather agents and UV rays. Available in 12 colors and a neutral tint gives the surface fine nuances typical of real stone.

Code Pack Colors
D080075001000 1 Lt White
D080075002500 2,5 Lt White
D080215001000 1 Lt Grigio perla
D080215002500 2,5 Lt Grigio perla
D080220001000 1 Lt Grigio sasso
D080220002500 2,5 Lt Grigio sasso
D080205001000 1 Lt Grigio
D080205002500 2,5 Lt Grigio
D080275001000 1 Lt Black
D080275002500 2,5 Lt Black
D080260001000 1 Lt Brown
D080260002500 2,5 Lt Brown
D080135001000 1 Lt Coccio pesto
D080135002500 2,5 Lt Coccio pesto
D080300001000 1 Lt Olive
D080300002500 2,5 Lt Olive
D080185001000 1 Lt Giallo tufo
D080185002500 2,5 Lt Giallo tufo
D080170001000 1 Lt Yellow
D080170002500 2,5 Lt Yellow
D080425001000 1 Lt Terra
D080425002500 2,5 Lt Terra
D080265001000 1 Lt Brick
D080265002500 2,5 Lt Brick
D080290001000 1 Lt Neutral
D080290002500 2,5 Lt Neutral
PLAM WAX Data sheet PDF (167.06 Kb .pdf)
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