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Plam Sealing/O
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Dustproof resin for industrial floors, matt effect

Plam Sealing/O Isoplam is suitable for the protection of industrial concrete floors: it performs an anti-dust action and gives the floor an elegant matte finish, which enhances the chosen color. If applied shortly after the construction of the flooring, it also has an anti-evaporation action. Plam Sealing/O Isoplam is anti-yellowing, anti-mold and has good resistance to oils and greases, household chemicals and stains due to food products. Isoplam Antislip powder can be added to the resin which makes the floor non-slip. It is possible to have resin colored according to the RAL color on request in packs of 4 and 20 Kg.

Code Features Pack
D251000010000  Solvent based sealer for industrial concrete 5 Lt
D251000020000  Solvent based sealer for industrial concrete 20 Lt
D250205020000 Solvent based sealer gray color 20 Lt
B09000040 Plam Sealing Color Base opaque transparent 4 kg
B09000200 Plam Sealing Color Base opaque transparent 20 kg
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