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Tue Mar 01, 2022

Molded plaster walls: innovative and customizable solutions


Molded plaster walls are an innovative solution. In fact, plaster molds represent one of the best customization options for your environments.

For example...would you like to have a beautiful stone-clad wall at home?

The imitation stone molded plaster is a solution that combines functionality with low costs, for a final coating of great effect.

Many people decide not to consider the stone wall option for fear of costs, construction times and also for its thickness, which leads to consequences in terms of space.

But here's the solution: you can cover your wall with molded plaster. 

Let's discover together what molded plaster is, and what are all the secrets of this innovative type of finish for interiors and exteriors.

How is molded plaster made? 

Molded plaster walls are a perfect solution to renovate internal and external walls of your home in a simple, economical but very effective way. The simple installation and the very low thickness make this material perfect in all cases in which it is not possible (or not convenient) to intervene with natural material coverings such as stone or exposed brick.

Plam Stone molded plaster is an innovative solution by Isoplam®. Plam Stone makes it possible to create various decorative wall coverings, recreating suggestive faux stone, brick, rock, and wood effects.

Cladding times with the stamped wall technique are fast, guaranteeing maximum durability and resistance at the same time.

The surface is made with a special and easily workable breathable mortar, which is printed with special reusable molds to imprint the desired decoration.

For those who are concerned about the internal dimensions of this type of finish, it is good to know that the molded plasters proposed by Isoplam ® are applied in thicknesses ranging from 10 to 20 millimeters.

The various colors and customizations available guarantee you a perfect final result whatever the style of your home.

Molded plaster walls the advantages

The advantages of molded plaster walls are many, the main one is “versatility”. 

In fact, molded plaster can be applied to practically any type of surface, such as concrete, masonry, brick, stone, plasterboard, polystyrene, and wood.

The fundamental step for the success of molded plaster is the preparation of the substrate and the use of a specific primer to make the molded plaster adhere better to the substrate. Hence, this easy procedure represents another indisputable advantage over other materials.

Furthermore, this type of stamped wall can be made both for indoors and outdoors. Thanks to the use of protective agents, the surface becomes water-repellent, anti-mold, anti-stain and resistant to atmospheric agents and frost.

This plaster mold casting technique can also be chosen to create columns, fireplaces, arches, decorative elements and furnishing accessories.

How is molded plaster made?

Let's discover how this special type of wall covering is applied step by step.

The first thing to do, to create molded plaster walls, is to prepare the substrate using a suitable adhesion primer. 

Once the substrate has been prepared, a 1-2 cm thickness of Plam Stone mortar mixed with water is applied.

Now, it is time for the actual molding. Special Isoplam® molds and rollers are impressed on the still fresh layer of Plam Stone®. These molds are pre-treated with a particular liquid release agent, to make it easier to remove the mold once the decoration has been obtained.

After 24 hours the surface is corrected and modeled with a special Isoplam® toolkit.

On the other hand, once completely dry after 48 hours, we move on to the coloring of the molded plaster.

Finally, the last step is the application of a protective to make your new molded plaster wall ready.

Isoplam® provides all necessary equipment to installers for the perfect realization of molded plaster.

Imitation stone molded plaster

Stone cladding is undoubtedly one of the most characteristic and beautiful types of cladding, both for indoors and outdoors.

The evolution of this precious type of coating is the imitation stone molded plaster.

It is a type of coating that is certainly cheaper, simpler, and quicker to make, which still guarantees an excellent aesthetic result and a perfect realistic effect. Furthermore, unlike the traditional stone cladding, the imitation stone molded plaster is a light cladding. Therefore, it can be used on any type of substrate and in any room of the house.

How much does molded plaster cost?

Walls in molded plaster, as we have seen, easily allow the characterization of an environment. Furthermore, they represent a cheaper solution than traditional stone or brick cladding.

But...what about molded plaster costs?

The price varies according to the type of finish chosen, the customization and obviously, the surface to be coated.

Indicatively, the cost for a fake stone molded plaster can start from 70-80 € / square meter, a price that is destined to rise depending on the type of mold, colors, and finishes.

Do you want to know more about molded plaster walls?

Discover our wide range of solutions based on stamped plaster.

The products we use and the interventions we adopt are designed for anyone looking for a world-class result with an excellent value for money.

Contact us to ask for more information about our molded plaster walls and products.

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