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Light concrete floor finisher Ø60
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Light alloy frame concrete finisher

The Isoplam light petrol-powered smoother is a machine specially designed for finishing semi-dry concrete or screed floors, useful for leveling and smoothing industrial floors, garages, cellars, corridors and much more. Thanks to its low weight of just 22 kg and the extendable accelerator wheel, the colibrì can be guided with just one hand and, by maneuvering it from outside the casting, it can also be used on particularly fresh concrete, thus accelerating processing times. The light mechanical trowel does not transmit harmful mechanical vibrations to the operator. The UFO smoother is easy to transport and takes up very little space once the handle has been disassembled. It consists of the machine body (Honda GX35 engine, Ø60 cm metal disc, protective disc), a control handle and an extendable handle made up of 3 components.

Code Features Weight Ø Disc
L030004 Honda GX35 22 kg 60 cm 


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