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Mon Sep 12, 2022

Isoplam presents Oxyrust Verderame, the new finish that crystallizes the subject over time

The line of decorative coatings Oxydecor of Isoplam is enriched with a new extraordinary greenrame effect, made in three different variants inspired by the flow of seasons.

Crystallized matter over time, immortalized in the moment of maximum splendor and custodian of a beauty that does not touch, but which intensifies year after year: this is the source of inspiration for Oxyrust Verdrame of Isoplam, the new finish that returns in one surface the whole surface preciousness of copper and its natural oxidation process. A vibrant coating, which reminds the appearance of the ancient orographic maps with their reproduction of mountainous reliefs, and which perfectly reproduces the change that takes place to the metal exposed for a long time to the corrosion of atmospheric agents.

Made in three different variants - Verderame, Verderame Brunito and Verderame Antico - the new finish is obtained by combining a background primer, a metal paste and specific water -based reagents that, penetrating the material, give life to scratchy corrosion effects. The anchoring primer can be applied on any type of pre -existing support - wood, metal, plastic, fibercement, plasterboard, plaster - without the need to remove it, an ideal feature especially in the event of renovations or relooking. Once dry, the metal pasta is spread, then oxidized and activated with water -based reagents that do not alter the resistance and properties of the materials, but only modify its aesthetic.

Once the treatment is concluded, a completely non -toxic and safe surface results, characterized by permanent variegatures of verderame, rust and metal reflections and not subject to corrosion or fading. Precisely for these characteristics Oxyrust Verderame can be used both in internal and external environments, not only to the wall but also as a coating of furniture and furnishing accessories. Unlike the simply colored resins or surfaces, it also maintains its appearance in time without discolouring, and it is easy and quick to apply because it does not run and does not stain.

“The intuition for Oxyrust Verderame -
comments Francesca Martignago, CEO and Isoplam commercial director - was born by observing the acidified marine -colored concrete floors: their disunificity recalled the oxidation of the copper pot that was used once directly on the fire switched on. The inspiration then translated into multiple tests in our internal laboratory to try to faithfully reproduce the effect of oxidation, up to the creation of a complete collection of coatings capable of sealing the different faces of the passage of time ".
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