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Mon Jan 15, 2024

Isoplam presents Micro Compact and the new Sunset Glow color palette

Isoplam presents Micro Compact by Isoplam, the new surface for floors and walls that combines the performance of microcement with the soft-touch effect of plaster.
A material with infinite application possibilities, also available in the new 2024 Sunset Glow color palette.

Resistant, compact and with a surprisingly velvety touch: Micro Compact is the new continuous coating by Isoplam that transforms microcement into an architectural surface with a sophisticated and contemporary aesthetic. Characterized by a uniform look and a pleasant soft-touch effect, Micro Compact in just 2 mm of thickness recalls the sober elegance of cement plaster but greatly enhances its performance in terms of versatility, resistance and durability over time, allowing you to renovate walls, floors and much more with ease.

Designed for architecture, in all its meanings

Made with a particular cement base and natural aggregates, Micro Compact stands out for its particularly thin thickness - just 2 mm - and for its excellent adhesion qualities, which allow it to be applied to any material or support (plasterboard, ceramic, marble, mosaic, tiles, screed, concrete, wood, etc.). These characteristics make Micro Compact ideal not only for renovating environments without the need to demolish pre-existing surfaces, but also for covering furniture and furnishing accessories, because it can also be easily used on curved and irregularly shaped surfaces.

Resistant to traffic, breathable and waterproof, Micro Compact can also be used in outdoor environments and in spaces with a high level of humidity, such as bathrooms, swimming pools and spas. Finally, the good thermal conductivity makes it completely compatible with underfloor and wall heating systems.

Also customizable in the new Sunset Glow color palette

Available with both a matte and glossy finish, Micro Compact offers infinite possibilities for customization in terms of color. In addition to the shades present in the Isoplam catalogue, the covering can also be made in the new Sunset Glow color palette, a mix of nuances studied by the company's internal laboratory with the aim of integrating the beauty of nature into the built environment.

Sunset Glow, in fact, is inspired by the shades and glows that the sky takes on during sunset to capture its enveloping atmosphere, so as to offer architecture a tool to enhance construction details, infuse depth into spaces and emphasize the furnishing accessories. furniture.

The new palette is available for the entire range of Microverlay continuous coatings, including Micro Compact, Micro Flat, Micro Sale e Pepe, Micro Velvet.
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micro compact ambiente 2
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