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Wed Oct 11, 2023

Isoplam for work spaces: functionality meets continuous space

For work environments where functionality, technology and sustainability are increasingly intertwined, Isoplam solutions offer guaranteed fluidity and technical performance, both for interiors and exteriors, each in a peculiar and customizable way.

Rethinking work environments, where people spend the most productive part of their daily lives, as sharing spaces: this is the need that leads, right from the early design stages, to paying particular attention to the connections between spaces and the choice of materials , without forgetting that the eco-sustainable nature of the solutions used can in turn improve working comfort.

Both the architectural features and furnishing accessories as well as the flooring and coverings therefore contribute to connoting the style and character of the rooms, as well as ensuring maximum usability, depending on the new professional functions to which they are called upon to respond.

Isoplam surfaces, for interiors and exteriors, not only comply with the technical requirements required by the intended use, but also ensure aesthetic performance that is completely customizable and long-lasting, because they are perfectly able to withstand high traffic and atmospheric agents.

The various components are formulated on a water basis and are free from formaldehyde and, therefore, do not release substances dangerous to the health of people and the environment. Furthermore, in some cases, the processing allows the use of materials found directly on site, favoring, on the one hand, a reduction in time and costs and allowing, on the other, to give shape to a surface capable of interpreting the place .

Microverlay, unlimited versatility

A cementitious and polymer-based surface specially formulated for continuous decorative smoothing, Microverlay allows maximum attention to detail, high aesthetic value and living comfort in just 3 mm of thickness, both in new applications and as a coating for existing floors or surfaces. The absence of joints or expansion joints not only offers the best usability of the spaces and direct communication of all environments, but makes Microverlay a hygienic surface that is extremely easy to clean. Customizable in an infinite range of colours, shades and effects, Microverlay is a safe surface by virtue of its composition, ideal for all situations that require products with low environmental impact.

In the photo, the interiors of Auralis Space (Milan), a space dedicated to the culture of light, in all its expressions, a meeting place for architects, lighting and interior designers

Deco Nuvolato, trait d'union between interior and exterior

Deco Nuvolato, cement-based flooring, is the perfect synthesis of strength and aesthetics: from an aesthetic point of view it is characterized by the delicate plays of color on the surface which from a lighter background veer towards darker nuances and create a natural material dialogue and spatial with the outdoors; from a performance point of view, the components in cement, quartz and pigments resistant to light and UV rays restore all the identifying character of the concrete.

Deco Nuvolato is available in a dual finish: matt for the inside and combed or non-slip textured for the outside, in both cases with particular qualities of resistance to wear, impacts and foot traffic for even high-traffic environments.

In the photo Cartheater (Portogruaro, Venice), a high-end car showroom designed with an eco-friendly perspective. On the external facades, the Oxydecor Rust Isoplam rust-effect coating.

ItalianTerrazzo, eco-sustainable resistance

ItalianTerrazzo is the revisitation of architectural concrete (or washed stone) that combines the best performance of cement and a special fiber-reinforced mixture with eco-sustainable components, such as river stones and natural stones also available locally.

Versatile from an application point of view, ItalianTerrazzo, in just a few centimeters of thickness, allows you to give shape to floors with high resistance to abrasion. Furthermore, the formulation with special fibers increases its resistance to freeze and thaw cycles, counteracting shrinkage and cracking. Finally, the "exposed stone" finish is an excellent non-slip flooring, which also lends itself well to ramps or sloping paths.

In the photo, the external spaces of the H-Farm Campus (Roncade, Treviso), a campus of innovation and diffusion of digital culture that combines training and entrepreneurship.

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