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Sat Nov 12, 2022

Isoplam for the Soka hotel in Kyoto: a stay in the four elements, between naturalness and minimalism

Relaxed environments, straddling Zen and Hygge atmospheres, in which the natural component is of fundamental importance, so much so as to guide the choices of materials and colors.

Overlooking Lake Hanare, in the prefecture of Kyoto (Japan), the Soka Hotel welcomes guests into a garden where water and vegetation abound. The entire structure, built in accordance with the Danish Hygge philosophy, aims to put customers at ease, inviting them to enjoy the tranquility of the place by coming into contact with the four elements: Fire, Water, Earth and Air.

If outside a thermal spring (Water) and the breeze of the nearby Sea of ​​Japan (Air) prepare the mind and body for relaxation, inside the relaxed atmosphere has been studied right from the entrance: the environment, created with tonality of the Earth, at night it turns into the "Fire Room", thanks to the lighting of a large brazier that converts the entire area into a meditative space.

To reinforce the idea of ​​essentiality and linearity that reigns in the hall, a continuous covering was used for the floors, without joints or interruptions in perspective. This is how Microverlay by Isoplam was chosen, a cementitious and polymer-based surface characterized by incredible versatility: specially formulated for continuous decorative skimming, in just 3 mm thickness it preserves all the robustness of traditional concrete and allows maximum attention to detail, high value. aesthetics and living comfort, both in new applications and as a coating for existing floors or surfaces.

Solution with low environmental impact, as the various components are formulated on a water basis and are free from formaldehyde, Microverlay is a safe surface, because it does not release substances that are dangerous for the health of people and the environment, and extremely easy to clean, thanks the absence of leaks or joints.

Customizable in an infinite range of colors, shades and effects (including glossy, opaque, material, acidified and cloudy finishes), Microverlay allows you to create both horizontal and vertical surfaces and for this reason it was chosen to cover a large counter too - seating included - made available for the different needs of guests.
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