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Industrial floor

Pavilux. All the beauty and strength of concrete

Industrial floor

The strength and essential beauty of the concrete floor, at the service of industrial and civil contexts. Pavilux is the expression of Isoplam® 40 years of experience in the construction of high traffic concrete floors. Depending on the environments, internal or external, and the different functional needs, it is possible to choose the desired characteristics of resistance and hardness: the industrial floor is made by sprinkling on fresh concrete, working the surface with a mechanical trowel or manually. Furthermore, by choosing the "combed" finish, it is possible to create non-slip and non-slip outdoor floors.

Playgrounds and thematic parks, swimming pools, holiday villages
Paths in public and private gardens and parks
Industrial cements
Urban spaces and parking
Public places

Pavilux allows for the creation of high-performance surfaces: German spheroidal quartz and corundum floors, with very high resistance to rolling and sliding friction and accidental impact; German spheroidal quartz and steel floors, able, if hit by the accidental fall of ferrous materials, to prevent the formation of sparks and therefore fires. Easy to clean and maintain, Pavilux is used in the construction of civil, commercial and industrial floors: car parks, yards, driveways, sidewalks, arcades, ramps, ports, airports, chemical, steel, metalworking, metallurgical, electrical, electronic, business centers and logistics, shopping centers.

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Italian Industrial paving
  1. Formwork and laying of nylon, TNT, spacers and electro-welded mesh;
  2. Spreading the concrete with additive with Coldpav or Hotpav and with Plam Fibre Isoplam;
  3. Application of colored Pavilux armor in 2 or 3 applications;
  4. Surface smoothing with Isoplam trowel machine and washing with detergents and specific equipment;
  5. Application of the protective resin Plam Sealing/O Isoplam.
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