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Wed Feb 23, 2022

Isoplam industrial concrete floors and their characteristics

Industrial concrete floors are the perfect flooring for all those working environments that need a practical finishing material. In fact, industrial an industrial concrete floor is easy to clean but, at the same time, also beautiful to look at.

Furthermore, the practicality and quality of these surfaces do not necessarily clash with budget requirements to be respected.

For this reason, let's now discover all Isoplam’s proposals for industrial concrete floors by going into detail.

What does “industrial floor” mean?

First, let's start by defining exactly what industrial floors are.

The term “industrial floor” identifies a type of continuous flooring, which is usually made of concrete. This type of floor is usually used for work environments, hence the name "industrial". Recently, industrial floors have become very fashionable for domestic environments. In fact, it is quite common to adopt an industrial flooring for all interiors with an urban style.

Industrial concrete floors 

Industrial concrete floors are used specifically in work environments, precisely because of their characteristics of durability, resistance to abrasion and loads.

Despite this, industrial concrete floors are also well known for their aesthetic. That's why Isoplam industrial concrete proposals are so many!

The Pavilux system, in fact, allows you to obtain a product to be used above all in the workplace.

Pavilux embodies practicality, durability, and beauty for an infallible final result.

Isoplam allows a wide customization of these floors, thanks to its range of dedicated Pavilux products. Consequently, you can choose the best solution according to the environments (internal or external), and the different functional needs. You can choose Pavilux products depending on the characteristics of resistance and hardness you're looking for.

Pavilux is a perfect solution for the construction of civil, commercial, and industrial floors, but not only.

This type of solution is also suitable for outdoor applications, such as for the flooring of car parks, squares, driveways, sidewalks, arcades, and ramps.

What are industrial floors made of? 

The Pavilux industrial floor is made by sprinkling on fresh concrete, subsequently working the surface with a mechanical trowel or smoothing machine (also called helicopter) or manually.

Furthermore, by choosing the "combed" finish, it is possible to create non-slip and non-slip outdoor flooring.

How to create industrial concrete floors

Let's see how an industrial concrete floor is made step by step.

The laying of the Isoplam industrial concrete floor begins with the formwork and relative laying of the nylon, with spacers and electro-welded reinforcement mesh. 

Subsequently, concrete is applied using a mix of specific products designed by Isoplam, to give greater performance to the surface according to the installation environments.

Finally, once the concrete has been laid, the coloured hardener is applied in two or three coats.

How to smooth concrete floors

Once the fresh concrete has been laid, the industrial concrete floor is ready to be smoothed, raised to the surface with an Isoplam trowel machine, and washed.

This specific step is what makes the surface smooth.

Subsequently, the application of the protective resin concludes the work by delivering an oil-resistant, stain-resistant, water-repellent and ready-to-use industrial concrete floor.

What is quartz hardener used for? 

Pavilux products allow you to create high-performance surfaces:

  • German spheroidal quartz and corundum floors, with very high resistance to rolling, sliding friction and accidental impact
  • Anti-spark floors with German spheroidal quartz and steel that can (if hit by the accidental fall of ferrous materials) prevent the formation of sparks and fires

In both cases the quartz hardener makes the surface more resistant to abrasion, allowing you to obtain shades of particular colours, capable of characterizing the environment.

How do you clean industrial concrete floors

Industrial concrete floors are used in working environments because of their ease of cleaning and maintenance. Daily cleaning with water and floor detergent is enough to make the floor clean.

For a deeper cleaning, it is possible to use floor washing machines for industrial cleaning, such as scrubbers floor machines.

The Isoplam industrial concrete floor, thanks to its protective resins that can be customized according to your needs, allows you to have a functional, practical, and beautiful floor to look at.

How much does an industrial concrete floor cost

Obviously, as in all products, the cost varies according to the type of material used, the thickness of the concrete, the finishes chosen, and the protective resin applied.

A simple industrial concrete floor, without colors or finishes, can cost 50 to 100 euros per square meter, but the final price fluctuates a lot based on the choice of finishes and colors chosen for your industrial concrete floors.

Do you want to know more about industrial concrete floors?

Discover Isoplam products to characterize the interiors of your work environment in a unique way, using cutting-edge materials.

Our solutions for industrial floors are designed for professionals and anyone looking for a level result with an excellent value for money.

Also, you can contact us to ask for more information about our products for industrial concrete floors.

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