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In round squeegee with handle for resin
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In round squeegee - round edge tapered seal coat

The practical Isoplam squeegee trowel allows you to spread decorative and self-leveling resins and cement products evenly over the entire floor. The rubber trowel for spreading the cement, microcement, resin cement or epoxy resin grout is ideal for removing excess product from the floor surface. It is equipped with a comfortable 167 cm long aluminum handle with non-slip rubber grip that allows easy application by the applicator while standing. The squeegee package also includes a 61 cm smooth rubber band. It is also possible to purchase the 61 cm R220001 smooth rubber spare part, or the 61 cm R110001 toothed rubber band, or the 7.5 m long toothed band roll R150001.

Code Blade size Features Pack
I050001     L = 61 cm Handle included L = 167 cm 1 pc
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