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Mon Mar 27, 2023

Glamor and luxury are back in style with the Terrazzoverlay XL Venetian floor by Isoplam

Isoplam reinterprets the splendor of Venetian terrazzo and gives a touch of glamor to indoor and outdoor spaces with a new version of Terrazzoverlay, characterized by grit with larger fragments and bright color contrasts, to make the surfaces even more precious.

The call of glamor is increasingly strong among the most innovative design trends of 2023, due to the way it emphasizes the details of the interior and transforms the home into an exclusive refuge. Thanks to a few touches of luxury and decoration through precious materials, sophisticated textures or chic finishes, even the most minimal and aseptic spaces acquire a comfortable personality with a magnetic aura.

Terrazzoverlay XL by Isoplam is the new version with variable thickness of Venetian terrazzo that conveys the luxurious charm of one of the oldest floors in the history of architecture, a symbol of the sumptuous Venice of the Doges. Its coarser grit than the Micro line strikes you at first glance for the natural way in which it recreates an artistic mosaic of rare beauty and elegance, characterized by more evident chromatic contrasts and a dynamic texture full of details.

A versatile and unique luxury in its irregularity

Made with a mixture of Italian marble and cement powder, the new Terrazzoverlay XL creates a continuous covering without joints with a high aesthetic impact, in just 2-5 cm thick. The possibility of customizing its composition with different colours, degrees of roughness and opacity, as well as the addition of mother-of-pearl and natural stone inserts, further embellishes the floor and brings out all its versatility: it easily adapts to any style, from classic to the Baroque, from the modern to the contemporary. The manual skill with which each processing phase is carried out gives Terrazzoverlay XL an even more precious and authentic look, in which uniqueness is the result of the random and irregular combination of fragments of different sizes.

The floor that combines glamour, resistance and naturalness

Terrazzoverlay XL is available both in the indoor version (polished, glossy or matt) and in the outdoor version (rough, satin, bush-hammered and non-slip). The excellent technical performance in terms of resistance to wear, environmental conditions and UV rays make this decorative solution perfect not only for residential environments, but also in contexts with high traffic, such as showrooms, business centers, residential complexes, spas and spas, sites of historical and cultural interest, restaurants and hotels. Finally, the water-based composition and natural grit ensure an eco-friendly coating, to protect people and the environment.
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